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The Bresowar’s
Abingdon, VA

Ecological Energy Solutions has been a joy to work with. At every stage of our solar installation, they have been courteous and professional. Its great to know that we are offsetting our carbon-based energy usage with a more sustainable option (a dream come true for us). We highly recommend EES for any home solar needs.

Robert & Susan Campbelle
Abingdon, VA

We have had our solar installation up and running for 2 months now, and we could not be more thrilled with our system. Ecological Energy Systems was very professional and knowledgeable from the very beginning. We were always provided with answers to our questions with a courteous, professional, and no-pressure attitude through the entire process. Everyone involved in the installation could not have been more helpful. After our installation went online in mid-May, the next month’s electricity bill was the lowest we had ever had in our 5 years in this house. And for the following month — the first full month of solar operation — our bill was one third of what it was for the corresponding months for previous years. We are delighted both with the financial return the system is providing, as well as the knowledge that we are reducing our carbon footprint by using solar energy.

The Caudelle’s
Abingdon, VA 

Ecologocal Energy Systems is top notch! From the system designers to the installers, we couldn’t have asked for a more professional and knowledgeable team, especially keeping us updated regularly throughout the process. We love our system and look forward to the savings in the years ahead!

The Davis Family
Abingdon, VA

My wife and I found EES to be very professional, and our solar array is even more solid and well-built than I imagined it could be.  The installation work took only 2 days, and they gave us excellent information about how the system works – and how our billing will be done. AND our power bills went way down immediately!

Paul and Janet A.
Kingsport, TN

We love our iSwim solar pool heater. Our pool is in the shade most of the day so it’s usually not as warm as we prefer, especially in the evenings. With the iSwim, I set the temperature and it stays warm (I have ours set at 85 degrees) even in the evening. Previously, I had purchased two pool heaters within a four year time period, both went out of service which was very expensive. Also, one month my gas bill was over $300.00! I was looking for an affordable and energy efficient unit to heat my pool. We are very pleased with the system but the best features are; no more high gas bills, no more heater repair bills, and no more solar covers to fool with.

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