Extend your swim season AND save money!

Residential Solar Pool Heating

Extending your swimming season WITHOUT a costly gas bill has never been so easy!

A properly sized system will raise the temperature of your pool 10-15 degrees, extending and often DOUBLING your swim season. Energy free now, and free into the future!



 Most solar pool heaters can pay for themselves in less than a year! A swimming pool is a significant investment and you should enjoy it for as long as possible each year.



Heating your pool from the sun is free and doesn’t contribute to burning fossil fuels. So, jump right in, feel the warmth of the pool and know you’re helping reduce your carbon footprint!



Installation is simple and takes and average of one day to complete. With no moving parts, solar pool heaters are virtually maintenance free.

How it Works
Have you ever turned on the garden hose on a hot day, and out comes hot water?  That is exactly how our solar pool heaters work, collecting heat from the sunshine and moving it to your pool. Using your existing pool pump, water circulates through your solar panels and is heated by the sun. Just set the temperature to your desired setting, and the solar pool heater will do the rest. This cycle continues until the pool reaches your desired temperature. Once your pool is perfectly heated, the automatic controller stops redirecting the water to the collectors.

Take advantage of our free on-site solar pool heating analysis. One of our professionals will visit your home or business and measure your pool and roof to ensure that it is a good fit for solar.  Accurate measurements, shading and other details will allow us to design the system right for you.


No more high gas bills, no more heater repair bills, and no more solar covers to fool with! I was looking for an affordable energy efficient unit and so glad that I found iSwim.

Paul A., Kingsport TN

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